The Salvagnini Line – punches, cuts and bends in one production flow

Salvagnini – stansar, klipper och bockar i ett flöde

Our Salvagnini machines – S4X and P4X – can punch, cut and bend sheet metal from start to finish, all in the same production flow. This allows us a high level of flexibility.

Our cutting-edge bending machine is equipped with a shearing station, which ensures minimal changeover times in addition to flexibility. Precision bending offers a great degree of potential, and the right production flow can offer major time savings compared to the use of standard press brake machines.

As the bending cell is equipped with a sheering station, we can manufacture complicated shapes, such as rounded radii, all in the same machine. We can also cut long, slim parts, which is not possible in our robotic press brake machines.

To watch a video about Salvagnini, click here.