Punching – an effective method for processing thin sheet metal

Stansning – en effektiv metod för tunnplåtsbearbetning

Punching is carried out in our modern punching machines capable of processing sheets of up to 3000 x 1500 mm,
and with an automated feed-in system, as well as sorting and stacking systems.

Equipped with the right tools, the machines can also carry out bending, screw threading and shaping. The machines’ high rate of acceleration makes them highly productive. The maximum material thicknesses the machine is capable of processing are 4 mm for carbon steel, 2 mm for stainless steel, and 8 mm for aluminium.

Punched products are manufactured from a wide range of different materials
and with a variety of geometric properties.

Automated punching provides a high degree of efficiency and cost-effective solutions
when producing extensive series.

Punching is best suited to relatively thin sheet metal.

To watch a video about punching, click here.