Manufacturing of prototypes

Prototypes – from conceptualisation to the finished product

Prototyper är något vi på Rotage jobbar daglig dags med.

We can provide our expert contribution to your new prototypes and projects from start-up stage. This will allow us to see whether it will be possible to manufacture your project, and more importantly whether this can be done cost-effectively, from an early stage.

We can provide simulation of 3D files, allowing us to identify any potential issues prior to the start of manufacturing. Take advantage of our expertise as a sounding board to establish which processes will best suit your idea, right from the start!

Our prototype manufacturing process takes place using our series production machines, but with a separate stream.

We can also help you take your old designs to new heights. Combining our production technology with your designers and buyers allows us to produce smart solutions together. This allows us to work together with you to create savings.