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Rotage AB – Always in the Frontline

Rotage AB is a leading subcontractor with experience stretching back to the 1970s.
Our comprehensive and modern range of machinery allows us to be competitive in the part and component manufacturing sector. The services Rotage provides include laser cutting, punching, bending, welding and assembly. We can also provide surface treatment services.

The name Rotage represents always having things going on, constantly moving forward and embracing challenges, and giving our staff the opportunity to grow within the company.

Our company logo uses the shape of a wave, and like the movement of waves large and small, our company is highly flexible and always ready to tackle rapid changes.  The wave also symbolises our customers, who return like waves.

The colour red in the logo is a strong yet warm shade. This specific colour was chosen to make us stand out to our customers, as well as to help our staff create a warm and friendly impression.

Ledningsgruppen för Rotage. På bilden syns från vänster Sverker Kvarnemark, Antonio Scarlini, Mathias Larsson VD, Eva-Lotta Wilhelmsson, Jonas Andersson och Bo Hansson.
Rotage’s management group. From the left: Sverker Kvarnemark, Antonio Scarlini, Mathias Larsson and Bo Hansson. 

Mission statement

Using the latest technology, Rotage AB aims to be a component supplier of laser-cut and punched sheet metal products for the Scandinavian market.
Our products are of excellent quality and sold at honest prices, thanks to our working processes that create value through use of a high degree of automation and knowledge.

In collaboration with you, the customer, we will find personalised solutions to best suit different kinds of parts, ensuring that the entire chain works as efficiently as possible.

We manage every part from conceptualisation to the finished product!


The vision underlining our way of thinking and our unfailing desire to develop with our partners, customers and suppliers is: “Together, we will make our customers competitive.”

Prototyptillverkning – full diskussion vid en av Rotage kantpressar.

Our values

To ensure that we achieve our vision, we have created a value we call STARK, meaning “strong” in Swedish,
in which every letter stands for a different element.

Cooperation strengthens groups and requires that those involved can trust each other, which is the foundation of success in what we do. To help us achieve this, we will listen to and support each other, allowing us to work with and not against each other.

Working together ensures that we have open and honest dialogue and create engagement and participation, making us a stronger team. Everyone can contribute in their own way. By doing things together and helping others out, we make everyday life more enjoyable and increase wellbeing.

We all have a responsibility or duty to keep things running smoothly, look after ourselves and the workplace, pass on relevant information to our colleagues, adhere to decisions, and achieve the goals set.
We can have an impact on our daily life by ensuring that everything we deliver adheres to the “right from me” principle. This ensures everyone the conditions they need to succeed in their role.

Everyone must be respected, but sometimes respect has to be earned, which can be done with two important words: listen and trust. By adhering to procedures, rules and objectives, you can earn respect, and express trust in both social and financial value.
Respect is treating others in a nice way.

Customer experience
A smile is the easiest way to form a connection with someone. A positive attitude is a must when dealing with colleagues and customers alike. Start by asking yourself: “how would I like to be treated as a customer”. Within the company’s different departments, we are all customers to each other, as well as to our end customer.

Om Rotage – STOPA ett högautomatiserat lager
Om Rotage – Diskussion vid en an Rotage stansmaskiner. Där vi stansar plåt enligt önskemål.

Important events

It all started with a toolbox in 1979.
Ingemar Ronger started out with agricultural assemblies.

The company’s first workshop of its own was set up.

The first laser machine was purchased from Bystronic.

A new, 2,600 m2 factory was built.

Investments were made in a punching machine and the company was environmentally certified under standard ISO 14001.

The company invested in a fully-automated warehouse.

The company invested in a welding robot purchased from ABB, thereby including automation in all processes.

Our STARK value system was developed and the company invested in a fibre laser.

Ingemar Ronger startade verksamheten Rongers montage
Rotage fabrik i Kvänum

Work for us

We offer positions involving varied and stimulating work, in a stable, high-tech and expanding company.
If we have no current vacancies, please feel free to send in your CV to be considered for future vacancies.  Simply fill in the form here and click “send”.

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